August 7, 6:00PM - Online Reading Session: The Heavenly Connection

Come join Kelly for these intimate sessions for only 3 people. This is a 3 hour session for only three participants at a time. In these sessions Kelly will be spending individual time with each of you. Kelly will be sharing information about what Heaven is like for that special person you choose to hear from. Your loved ones in Spirit know who that would be, so it is very natural. These sessions are extremely special, and this type of work with the other side is rare,  Kelly will be sharing with each person what the other side is like for that person's loved one. There will be very personal detail given about that souls journey to the other side and what they are doing in Heaven, including things like what their homes look like, what they do with their time there, who they are with, how they are interacting with you from the other side, what their service jobs are there, how to be more open to them, and the specific ways they are connecting to you to guide and help you, and so much more. Kelly will also be teaching you how to be more open to that specific loved one and how they are trying to build the bond with you from there. Kelly has had experiences in Heaven, and has also seen the other side. Her connection with growing the bond with the other side has gotten stronger since the loss of her husband Jeff. God has now given Kelly the blessing to share some of what she has experienced with all of you. Again this is rare sacred work blessed by God. and just another way for Kelly to support you on your grief journey, because she understands how hard grief can be and  knows the beauty her connection with Jeff from there has brought into her life now, and wants all of you yo experience that too. Thats why these sessions are for only three participants because they are so sacred. It is also such a pure connection with Heaven that it takes a lot out of  Kelly to do this type of work because of how she is working with God and Heaven in these sessions. Do not miss connecting to Heaven and your loved ones in this way.

Kelly Schloer is a Renowned  Master Medium, Sacred Channel, Animal Communicator, Author and Spiritual Coach.  If you are missing a loved one and looking for a connection,  Kelly is the Medium to see. Kelly serves as a bridge between you and spirit to offer messages of love, comfort, hope and healing.
Kelly is a master level medium and channel. Do not miss out on this special way to hear from your loved ones in spirit. There are just a few channelling mediums in the world and Kelly is one of the best.
To learn more about Kelly please check out her facebook page Readings By Kelly or visit

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